Five ways to transform your fitness this autumn

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As cooler weather draws in and the days shorten, it can be tempting to swap exercise for cosying up on the sofa. That’s why we’ve found five handy ways to keep your motivation high, even as temperatures drop.

1. Stick to the gym

Forget runs around the park – the thought of braving the cold could be enough to stop you working out altogether. Instead, get into indoor fitness and sign up for classes you love, try spinning or join a swimming club. Discovering new ways to exercise to suit the season is a great way to keep your routine fresh and fun, all year round.

2. Double up

Keep your spirits up by exercising with a friend. A handy way to catch up and work out at the same time, it’s well known that pairing up to work out makes you much less likely to bail. After all, you don’t want to let your friend down – or miss out on a post-workout chat!

3. Early birds

As the evenings creep in, venturing out to exercise after work can become less and less appealing. So why not get your fitness in first thing? We know getting up early doesn’t sounds like that much fun, but hear us out. If you get your routine done before anything else, you’ll feel energised all day and won’t be dreading hitting the gym when you’re knackered after back-to-back meetings.

4. Home time

Getting out to the gym sound like too much effort? No worries: working out at home can be a great option when it’s dark and chilly – and time-saving, too. Build a routine around the space you have available, and kit yourself out with the equipment you need to make your workout simple and effective. Or simply opt for bodyweight exercises – such as sit-ups, press-ups and more – to get fit for free.

5. Feeling brave?

If you’re the kind of person who finds the autumn winds bracing rather than depressing, why not get out there anyway? At least the weather this side of summer means that you’ll stay nice and cool while exercising outdoors.

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