Going solo vs employed: working in the beauty industry

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If this exciting idea has crossed your mind, you might have wondered how this dream job would look on a day-to-day basis. To help you visualise life in the beauty industry, we’ve lined up the differences between a career as a self-employed beautician, and working in a salon. Which would suit you best?

Starting your own beauty business

It’s hard work, but the satisfaction of success will be all yours. If you’re prepared to put in the hours, building your own beauty business from scratch can be very fulfilling. The key things to consider when deciding whether to strike out on your own are:

- Flexibility: you decide your own hours but, though there’s no set schedule, running your own business often means starting early and finishing late. If you’re excited by the ideal of burning the midnight oil to make your business work, going self-employed could be the best option for you.

- Creativity: It’s up to you to determine the style of beauty treatment you’ll offer, and to choose branding for your business. If creative freedom is something you crave, consider the solo approach to starting your beauty career.

- Business: to build skills in business as well as beauty, being your own boss is a great place to start. You’ll be responsive for everything from manicures and facials to laundry and tax, so if control’s your thing then look no further.

Joining the team at a salon you love

If there’s a salon you always look forward to visiting, an inspiring way into a beauty career could be to aim to work there! To figure out whether this is the route for you, consider these aspects:

- Security: If you’re comforted by the knowledge of a regular salary, this is a great option for you. It can feel good to know that, even when you’re just starting out and learning the ropes, that you’ll get paid to learn from pros at your salon. Which leads to the next point…

- Training: Joining a team of qualified, experienced beauticians allows you to study them every day, and grow your knowledge of salon maintenance and customer service, as well as beauty techniques. Every day’s a school day at a salon where the senior beauticians can teach you all their tricks of the trade.

- Team spirit: There are ups and downs in any career. So it’s good to have people around you to lift your mood when you’re down, or support you when you’re not sure of something.

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