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Working with clients who’re recovering from injuries can require extra thought, and careful creation of tailored exercise plans. There are a number of ways to ensure you get them safely back in the fitness game:

1. Talk it through.

No two injuries are quite the same, so it’s best to have a conversation with your client to figure out exactly what caused their injury, what stage of recovery it’s at and what movement is possible for them right now. Then check whether it’s bone, tendon, ligament or connective tissue that’s been injured. Once you have all this information, you can build a fitness plan to support their recovery.

2. Support the muscle.

Strengthening the muscles around the injury area can help your client to prevent repeat problems in that area. After each exercise, check with your client to make sure the strengthening moves haven’t caused their injury to flare up. Take things slow and steady: start with basic exercises, focusing on simple, careful movements. As your client improves, you can up the reps and the intensity.

3. Tailor your approach.

Was your client injured while taking part in a particular sport? If so, rebuild their strength (and confidence) by introducing exercises and stretches relevant to that sport. This will help to develop their technique, as well as reduce the risk of injuries in the future.

4. Easy does it.

Recovery is always a gradual process, and getting your client back up to speed is likely to take time. Trying to get back into training too quickly is likely to cause repeat injuries. So take your time and get your client fighting fit, one step at a time.

5. Are they ready?

Your client might be very keen to get their fitness training back to normal. But is it the right time for them to get back into exercise? Make sure your client has been given the go-ahead by a medical or sports injury professional.

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