How to start your own fitness bootcamp

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What’s it all about? A boot camp is a high-intensity exercise program, built around body-weight exercises and cardio to keep your heart racing. It’s usually enjoyed by a group of clients, keen to boost their stamina, tone and general fitness all in one go.

Why do we love it?

1. It suits every fitness level

While it’s great for morale to run group boot camp sessions, every client can train at their own level. At the start of each session, demonstrate each exercise with variations for different levels of fitness. That way, with each class, your clients have the chance to push themselves and try a harder version of the move. Plus, this means that the class appeals to a broad range of fitness fans so you can boost your client base.

2. Ditch overheads

Part of the fun of a boot camp is getting out in the elements and training in a park or open space. A bit of mud never hurt anyone, after all! The bonus of this is you can run classes with no overheads – there’s no gym space or expensive equipment to buy or borrow. Instead, keep kit minimal and get your clients outside, whatever the weather – and save money!

But remember...

1. Keep it personal

One of the risks of a boot camp is that you won’t develop the personal connection with clients that’s possible when training one-on-one. So make sure that you spend time with each member of your group through the class, so everyone gets that PT feeling as they train.

2. Choose an accessible location

Pick a green space in the city or town centre if possible, to broaden the number of people who can easily reach your boot camp. It might be worth checking transport links to your workout space too, to make sure as many people as possible can reach you.

How to get started

1. Identify your target market

Before you launch your class, think carefully about how it fits into your PT business as a whole. It’s sensible to build this into your business plan, by considering what income you expect to earn from running this class, and how many participants you’d need to hit that number.

2. Plan a marketing strategy

How will you spread the word about your fab new class? While it’s a good idea to mention it to your existing PT clients, if they’d like to switch up their fitness routine with group work, it’s wise to share news of your boot camp on Twitter and Facebook.

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