Why you definitely need Burlex fitness in your life

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For the uninitiated, Burlex fitness is the sexy trend sweeping the nation. Based on burlesque – the art of seducing through a striptease performance – Burlex is perfect for fitness beginners and gym fanatics alike. All you need is a love of shimmying and strutting your stuff… Sign us up!

How did it all begin?

Founded in 2013, current owner Karen Dickson began teaching her first Burlex classes in Glasgow. With a background in dance, movement and performing arts, she also has a post-grad degree in teaching – this turned out to be the perfect grounding for her Burlex career. Karen found the feedback from her classes was very positive, and realised there was a great and growing demand for fitness with a naughty streak. Not only did her class find that the moves were strengthening and toning, but they were the perfect way to boost their confidence too.

Is this the workout for me?

If you’re used to gym sessions where the only props are weights, you’ll love that Burlex fitness involves using chairs and other more stage-worthy props – you might even forget you’re at the gym for a while!

Combining cardio with toning for an all-over body workout, these classes offer a cool new slant on interval training. With dance moves choreographed to burlesque music, you’ll find your strength, flexibility and toning boosted by these workouts – plus, they’re great fun and great for enjoying with friends.

These classes are open to everyone, designed to be accessible and enjoyable whatever your fitness level.

How can I get started?

It’s easy to find your nearest classes – simply visit the Burlex website and check out the ‘find classes’ page. You’ll see there’s a map complete with available classes all across the UK. Just pick your local to get started!

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