5 beauty secrets you need to know

beauty hacks


When it comes to beauty, we’ve all got our own tips and tricks that work for us and speed up our prep time in the morning. But have you ever walked past someone who’s looking properly on point… and wished you knew what their beauty secrets were? You’re in luck: we’ve raided the internet to find the best beauty secrets that lots of us use, but don’t usually talk about…

Spoiler alert: lots of these are tricks we might not admit to, but don’t stress: everyone does ‘em, so you can embrace them too. We’re all friends here.

1: Painting over chipped nails

Who’s got the time to take off their nail polish and start all over, every single time they chip? Not us. That’s why there’s no shame in simply popping a fresh coat of a darker colour on top of your chipped coat. Who’s gonna know?

2: Getting your wax on

Body hair – it pops up everywhere. And, with crop-top season in full swing, we know we’ll be waxing in a major way. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the legs and bikini line, if you feel the need: waxing sneaky stomach hairs is one thing that’s rarely discussed, but we reckon is a great help when you want to show more skin this summer.

3: Using roll-on deodorant to stop chafing

Surely, we can all agree that the main downside to sunny weather is your thighs rubbing together while you walk in the heat? Well, how’s this for a beauty secret: rub roll-on deodorant onto your inner thighs. You’ll find this’ll stop the painful friction, and leave you to enjoy the summer.

4: Topping spots with toothpaste

This teenage classic? Yep, it really works. It’s not the glamorous solution, but it’s the handy (not to mention cheap) way to reduce the size of a spot and tone down redness in a flash. Simply dab onto your spots, leave on until dry then get cleansing.

5: Matching your sheets to your fake tan

We love fake tan, fresh sheets and sleep… but the three don’t always mix. That’s why, to avoid waking up to tiger stripes on our white duvet cover, we recommend having a set of dark sheets and old towels to sleep on when you’ve been tanning.

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