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It’s nice to be nice, right? Well, guess what: it also pays to be nice. The fact is, there are loads of great beauty salons out there. So, treatments aside, the key thing that can set you apart is how you make your customers feel about their time with you. Studies show that creating a dream experience for your clients can lead to increased customer loyalty, word-of-mouth promotion, a packed appointments book and – wait for it – higher profits.

With those great benefits in mind, we’ve rounded up our top five ways to help your clients feel at home as soon as they step through your door. It doesn’t take much time or money to nail these techniques – just common sense, attention to detail and a smile.

1. A friendly face

Acknowledging a customer with a smile on their arrival can have a big impact, especially if they’re new to your salon. A smile relaxes your client and makes them feel welcome. If a walk-in customer isn’t welcomed with warmth right away, it’s likely they’ll leave without booking a treatment – and those who don’t book on their first visit rarely come back.

2. Communication is key

As a beautician, you’re offering personal – and sometimes intimate – services to your clients. So it’s very important that you chat through all treatments beforehand, clearly explaining what will happen and finding out what results your client is expecting. Photos of previous clients can come in handy here: if you’re offering a manicure or eyebrow threading, for example, it can be useful to ask your client to share pictures of their desired look so you know exactly what they’re after.

3. Keep it clean

Everything from the treatment areas to the toilets should be spotless, at all times. Beauty salons scattered with products left over from previous appointments are unhygienic – not to mention off-putting for your next client.

4. Keep up with their news

If you gave your client a makeover for a big event last month, be sure to ask them how it went next time they visit you. For regulars, it’s worth remembering the colours they like on their nails, the style of massage they prefer – and even how they like their coffee or tea. These are sure-fire ways to make them feel valued and welcome at your salon.

5. Consistency is key

When your clients visit you for a treatment, this is often considered ‘me-time’ – an hour or two where they can relax and be pampered. So it’s essential that your high standards are consistent every time they visit, and across all services you offer. Consistent quality encourages customers not only to return, but gives them the confidence to try other treatments on your menu.

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