Top 5 tips for making your personal training business a success

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Setting up your own personal training business can feel exciting and a bit scary – with so many decisions to make and plenty of competition. We’re here to help with our essential guide to getting ahead.

1. Manage your work/life balance

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is how much and when you want to work. At the start you may need to work all the hours under the sun – evenings and weekends included – but this is sure-fire way to burnout. Instead, decide how many hours a week you want to train clients and run your personal training business, then create a schedule and stick to it!

2. Be everyone’s flexible friend

Having a schedule helps keep you sane and give you all-important downtime to relax. But your clients will also need you to stay open and flexible to their needs. So if they need to change training times or frequency of sessions, don’t freak out. Plus, if your clients want to train a certain way, listen to them and tailor your sessions.

3. Shout about it!

To begin with, the best source of advertising is you. Get some smart polo shirts printed with your company name or logo, and wear them in public at all times. Advertising yourself as a personal trainer in this way – as a walking billboard – is a great way to identify who you are and what you do. Be prepared to talk about what you do in a personable, enthusiastic way at the drop of a hat. Everyone is a potential new client.

4. Know your clients

Your training and education gives you the skills to do your job, but your clients are also a great source of intelligence about new trends in fitness, exercise and nutrition. As well as reading professional journals, make sure you pay attention to the trends your clients are interested in. That way, you’ll be one step ahead when they come to you with questions.

5. Keep track of the details

When your personal training business is starting out, every new contact is a potential client. But not everyone will sign up at their initial consultation. Keep hold of their details in a database and stay in touch with regular, direct emails. People love hearing about special packages and offers, and may decide to join you at a later date.

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