10 surprising tips every personal trainer should know

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Sticking to the script and putting in a solid performance for your clients is fine, but what really delights them – and keeps them coming back – is when you go the extra mile. Here are just a few fun ideas for showing them just how much you care.

1. Always wear good socks – clean, dry, odourless socks can make or break your day. Try training 10 hours in fuzzy old socks. Your clients won’t thank you.

2. Be a leader – share your knowledge, and teach as well as train. Share articles, write blog posts and take time to explain things to clients. They’ll love you for it.

3. Toughen up – challenge your clients sometimes. They’re not made of glass, and a healthy dose of tough love will pay off in the long run.

4. Be yourself – this sounds obvious, but you’re not a robot. You don’t have to get personal, but it’ll help build a good rapport with clients if you can share honest opinions.

5. Admit if you mess up – maybe you were a bit distant, or pushed too hard. Own up to your mistake, and tell your client how you’ll make it up to them.

6. Say “I don’t know” – you’re not expected to know everything and it’s okay to not know something. Just let your client know that you’ll find out for them as soon as possible.

7. Don’t be afraid to say no – you need time off or you’ll burn out. Value your time and make sure you only say yes to things you really can do.

8. Fire clients – we mean it. You can only do so much. If a client relationship isn’t working or you have too many, make a gracious exit.

9. Remember stuff – maybe your client’s son has a big match on Saturday, or perhaps they’ve got a wedding coming up. Keeping track of that kind of thing helps build better relationships.

10. Be imperfect – stay fit and value your training, but don’t feel under pressure to be perfect. Clients will respect you if they can see you’re committed but human, like them.   We couldn’t resist one more…  11. Have fun and laugh often – you like what you do, so don’t be afraid to have a laugh with clients. It lightens up any serious moments, and it’s actually good for health! How do you keep it real with clients? Share your ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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