Skincare S.O.S: types of spots and how to treat them

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We know: it’s not the most glamorous topic out there. But knowing how to handle your clients’ spots – and yours too, of course – is key.

It could be time to switch things up. If you’ve ever daydreamed about having a job that’s different every day and involves getting to know plenty of different people, as well as staying active, this blog post is for you. We’re looking at five signs that now could be the time to make a change, and train as a personal trainer.

We’ve rounded up a ‘most wanted’ list of four troublesome spot types, plus tips on how to handle each of them. Your clients will thank you for neutralising these beauty nemeses.

1. The volcano

These singular yet sizeable spots can be found popping up on your chin, forehead – or even eyebrow. Wherever they erupt, they’re sure to ruin your client’s day as they can be pretty painful.

Unfairly, volcanic spots like these are usually the result of indulging in the good life. If your client spends a few days enjoying too much booze, sugar, fast food, partying, late nights or falling asleep in their makeup, it won’t belong before one of these mega-spots takes up residence on their face. Rubbish, we know.

To solve this skincare problem, we recommend products that are fast-drying and clarifying. Facemasks offer a great way to reduce redness and draw out impurities. Or opt for topical treatment to tackle your spot head-on.

2. The regular

Not the largest spot you’ll see, or the most painful, but not small enough to ignore: this regrettably regular occurrence is usually the result of everyday dirt getting stuck in enlarged pores. The best way to keep such spots at bay is to keep pores clear with regular exfoliation. Acid peels, like this one, cleans out your pores as it shrinks them: this helps to prevent pimples from popping up in the first place.

3. The classic blackhead

The unfortunate result of impurities making their way into your clients’ pores (easily done, especially when you’re a city dweller), blackheads occur when dirt binds with sebum to create black goop. Lovely. Luckily, these are easy to fix: regular exfoliation is the key to keeping your clients’ skin squeaky clean and free from blackheads. Team this with a clarifying mask once or twice a week, and you’re in the clear.

4. The one that can’t take a hint

There’s always that one, particularly stubborn blemish that won’t budge, whatever tricks you try. This deep, cystic spot can even leave a scar or a pigmentation patch long after the pimple itself has faded. Sounds scary, but there is an answer: treatments that contain extracts that target the spot and combat its aftermath. Purifying acids and detoxifying mineral clay should be enough to calm your client’s complexion, quick-sharp.

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