Five life-changing fake tan hacks

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We’ve all been there. There’s a big event coming up, and you treat yourself to a last-minute fake tan session to make sure you’re looking your best. It’s all good… until you realise that your skin’s now the same colour as your coral cocktail dress. Not exactly the look you were going for.

No need to stress, though: we caught up with celeb beauty pro James Read to discover his top tips for averting tanning disasters. As chief bronzer to the stars, he’s worked with clients such as Ellie Goulding and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, so he knows his stuff when it comes to perfecting summery complexions. Check out his top five hacks, and become a fake tan master yourself…

1: Get fruity

Soak a wet flannel in lemon juice – or lime, if you have that to hand instead – then microwave it for two minute. Check you’re comfortable with the temperature, then rub over the offending tan to remove the colour. It should disappear instantly.

2: Steamy sesh

Here’s another heat-based technique that effectively lifts fake tan: take some time out in a steam room (this has the side effect of calming you down a tad – handy, following a mega tanning fail). After ten minutes, wipe down the areas that need colour removing, and it should rub off easily.

3: Minty fresh

If you’ve just got small errors to correct – say, tidemarks on your wrists or patches on your elbows or heels – try rubbing toothpaste over the offending areas. Make sure you choose white toothpaste, though – the coloured varieties won’t have the same erasing effect.

4: A close shave

Ended up with a tan that’s even, but a few shades darker than you wanted? Try applying shaving foam in the shower to dial back the intensity.

5: Face it

Got cheetah-style blotches on your face? Stay calm: there are great masks out there designed to even out your complexion. We love this one, by the man himself, James Read – while it perfects your tan in just 20 minutes, it’ll clear up blackheads and even your skin tone too. Ideal.

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