Six secrets that’ll solve all your skincare problems

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Skin is our body’s largest organ, so it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. We’ve taken a look at the tips and tricks dermatologists share with their clients – get ahead of the game and embrace these skin-boosting moves now.

1: Little and often

If you’re interested in erasing lines and wrinkles with Botox at some point, dermatologists we spoke to recommend starting earlier with smaller amounts. While fillers and Botox can give you great results if you start in your 40s or later, effects will be more natural if you tackle fine lines as soon as they appear.

2: Don’t underestimate diet

Sometimes the solution to your skincare problems is right under your nose: on your plate. Adding certain foods to your diet – such as milk, cheese or chocolate – can cause reactions and inflammations, as can introducing drinks such as coffee and red wine. If you’re keen to start tucking into something new, start slowly to check you’re not going to have any adverse reactions.

3: Let your routine evolve

Your skincare needs to grow and change along with you; what worked five years ago, or even five months ago, may not work for you now. Keep an eye on how your skin feels after you cleanse – new tightness may mean you need to wash with a gentler product. Started waking up with dry skin? Try dialling up to a stronger moisturiser.

4: Frisky business

Missing that youthful glow? The answer’s simple: spice things up between the sheets. It turns out that having plenty of sex is as good for your skin as it is for your relationship. Getting some action releases anti-inflammatory hormones and endorphins that beat stress and can even have anti-aging effects. It also raises estrogen levels, which boosts moisture and collagen production. Who knew?

5: Stick to the plan

Apply products at the right time is just as important as using the right ones. We recommend sticking to this simple rule: protect during the day, repair at night. An antioxidant serum in the morning helps to neutralise free radicals – these problematic molecules are born of UV light and pollution. Left to their own devices they’ll break down collagen and elastin, which leads to premature aging. At night UV’s not an issue, so opt for retinol and peptides to stimulate collagen. This is a great way to fend off wrinkles.

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