Hey, good lookin’: how to look the part in the beauty industry

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As a beautician, you’re in the business of helping your clients look their best.

So it’s important to remember that, in the beauty industry, you are a walking advertisement for your business. If you turn up to the salon looking less than awesome, your clients will assume you’ll be slapdash about their appearance too. So you’ll always look on point at work, we’ve picked out pitfalls that are easy to stumble into when it comes to prepping yourself for a day at the salon.

1: Uniform

As replacing your salon uniform can prove expensive, it’s worth taking good care of yours from the get-go. Watch out for nail polish and dye spillages: these’ll ruin garments in a heartbeat. Also, if your uniform is white, make sure its crisp colour isn’t dulled by washing with darker colours. Sounds simple, but it’s an easy win when it comes to keep your salon outfits as looking smart and professional as possible.

2: Ironing

Crisp outfits look sharper than crumpled ones: fact. Always check labels first, though – synthetic garments can’t stand up to much heat, so keep temperatures low to avoid burning your uniform.

3: Hair and makeup

When it comes to personal grooming, keep it simple. A simple bun or ponytail keeps hair neat and out of your face, while light daytime makeup is enough to demonstrate good knowledge of techniques. Avoid showcasing more elaborate looks at work: clean and clear is key here.

4: Shoes

It’s worth investing in a pair of shoes strictly for work; it’s the easiest way to ensure they stay looking pristine. While this is important for maintaining good hygiene at the salon, it’s important to look your best from head to toe. Clients notice your overall look, so make sure your footwear doesn’t let you down.

5: Tattoos

While many clients may not be bothered by tattoos – many may have a few themselves – there will be others who feel put off by body art. If possible, it’s best to keep tattoos where they can be easily concealed by your uniform. 

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