Seven diet plans your clients are searching for

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While some clients may be firm believers in eating what makes them happy - and, with your help, what keeps them healthy too - others may get excited by the latest trend. It’s great to be in the know with the latest fat-loss fads, so you can be on hand with advice. We’ve picked out seven of the biggest diet plans from last year according to Google, to give you a taste of what people are searching for…


1: Mono Diet It’s as simple as it sounds: one food, for one week. Just a tad repetitive, we reckon, though it claims to cleanse your body as you rely on one food to supply your energy (e.g. bananas or eggs). Not convinced? Neither are we!  


2: Dukan Diet Born in France, this trend is all about packing in the protein, and is built around phases. Start with the ‘attack’ phase, eating protein, oat bran and water, and follow it up with phases two, three and four, each with their own rules for what you can eat, and how much. While some claim to have lost as much as 10lb in a week, though stats are fuzzy…  


3: Pizza Diet Surely the most tempting trend of the bunch, this idea was introduced by a cyclist from Florida, Matt McClellan. He claimed to eat 2,400 calories every day… by eating only pizza. In his defence, he topped his with healthy fresh veg rather than meatballs and extra cheese, Pizza-Hut style. Matt ate a slice every other hour, and worked out for an hour, five days a week. He lost an astonishing 24 pounds in four weeks. We have to admit, we’re intrigued.  


4: Wild Diet The big idea here is encouraging people to build ‘good’ fats into their diet, by tucking into lots of plant-based foods. In the Wild Diet, veggies should make up more than half your plate - aim for lots of variety, and avoid starchy veg as much as you can. Plus, you can add a palm-sized serving of meat, fish or eggs, along with ‘good’ fats such as avocados, nuts or olive oil.  


5: Dissociated Diet Based on the idea that your body responds to certain combinations of acidic and alkaline food, this diet dictates that only certain foods should be eaten together to help your digestion and aid weight loss. You’ll also need to wait four to five hours between meals.


6: Ketogenic Diet This one’s a toughie. Ketogenic dieters stick a low-carb plan, which turns their body into a ‘fat- burning machine’, apparently. There have been claims that it boosts weight loss and improves concentration.  


7: Atkins Perhaps the most famous diet on the list, Atkins demands that you eat low-carb, high-protein meals in order to ‘flip the body’s metabolic switch’ and burn fat. If you’re into eating loads of veg and healthy fats, and not an awful lot else, this could be the one for you...  


So, next time your clients want to know whether the diet plan of the moment is a good idea or bad news, you can be prepared with some insights and advice. A little research can help you stay in the loop with what’s new, what’s healthy and what works. (Yes, we’re investigating the Pizza Diet too...) 


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