Four ways to build great relationships as a beauty therapist

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So we've rounded up a list of four tips to help you deliver a level of customer service that'll take your salon from strength to strength. 

 1: Chill zone
Remember, customers have come to you to relax and unwind. So from the moment they step into your salon, put them at ease and welcome them in a calm, positive way. Offer them a drink and settle them in as soon as they arrive, so their relaxation can begin right away, even before their treatments have started.

2: We're all different
Remember: every client will have their own personality, preferences and pet hates. So it's worth taking a look at who you're booked to see each morning, and reminding yourself of what constitutes a great experience for each client. Perhaps one loves to chat and engage with you during treatments, and another likes peace and quiet. Knowing what makes everyone tick will mean the difference between offering an average service and a wonderful experience.

3: Meet and greet
When a client arrives, be sure to make eye contact and greet them warmly. Even if you're familiar with the client, speak clearly and avoid using slang - this will help you remain professional, while being friendly. Also, avoid technical jargon - explain salon processes that are involved in their treatment from a benefit point of view; what does the client need to know to get the most from their treatment?

4: Body language
Sometimes the strongest messages we send are in what we do, rather than what we say. So make sure your body language is positive. When your customer is talking, be sure to listen actively; nod and shake your head to show you understand without interrupting, and smile in agreement. This should help to indicate that you're engaged with what they're saying, to help put them at ease during their treatment. 

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