Apprenticeship success story: Fitness Instructor Amy

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Hi! My name is Amy and I have recently finished my Apprenticeship with Towcester Centre for :eisure. I am now a qualified, level 2 fitness instructor, level 1 + 2 swim teacher and also lifeguard and first aid trained.

So how did you come to work for Towcester Leisure Centre?

I have always had a passion for fitness! So after coming home from traveling I decided to find a career that I would love and be able to progress in. I knew it would be in fitness but was just unsure of how to actually get my foot in the door!

I searched online and found a job advertisement for apprentices so I decided to bite the bullet and apply. I received a phone call within a week and was brought in for an interview with the centre manager just before Christmas. I then started my new career in January 2017.

What were the first few days of the job like?

The first few days involved a lot of paperwork and remembering of names! It was very full on but I loved it! I could tell straight away that I was going to be working in a fun, friendly and active environment. I shadowed PTs and got to learn the ropes from the very best, which looking back really helped me excel in my practical exams.

What skills did the apprentice programme teach you and how has the programme benefited you throughout your career?

I have learnt valuable people skills as I've had to interact with members of the public every single day. I've learnt how to handle difficult situations such as dealing with clients personal issues and assisting in customer disputes.

I think the most important thing about working in the Fitness/ Leisure industry is experience, and having the right personality. You could know everything but have no people skills, which would mean you'd find it very hard! Luckily I've had great co-workers to learn from and pick up invaluable skills which will stay with me for life.

What career development opportunities have been available to you at Towcester?

I have been on numerous training courses such as Kettlebells, foam rolling, Spin teaching, basic boxing and GoTri. I have also been placed on my level 2 gym instructor course, level 1 +2 swim teaching course and passed a lifeguarding qualification along with first aid. I feel so lucky that the company has provided me with all these great opportunities!

Can you tell me a little about your current role and responsibilities?

I currently spend most of my time working in the gym, assisting with inductions, writing out programs and giving the odd person a mini core or bum workout! I swim teach 5 hrs a week and also teach a junior spin class and a Core 360 class. I hope to begin my level 3 Personal Training course within the company as soon as possible.

Would you recommend the Activity Leadership Apprenticeship programme to others?

Definitely! If you are living at home still and you can afford to be on apprenticeship wage for a short term then this is perfect! Not only does the company pay for all the courses but you gain so much experience that you just wouldn't get without spending time working in the field.

I was very lucky as Towcester was one of the highest paying companies for Apprentices! 


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