How to find clients - and keep them.

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The fact is, meeting new people is all about being open to conversations. The gym is full of potential clients so - if you look smart, friendly and open to chatting - you're likely to attract them. If you're not naturally a big socialiser, don't worry: we've got some tips to help you out.

 1: It's all in the prep
We often decide what to wear ahead of time… but how often do we think about what we'll talk about that day? It's worth preparing a handful of interesting topics to bring up when you approach people who could be your future clients. It's useful to know exactly what you'll offer as a fitness instructor and what you're charging per session, in case someone's interested; carry a business card with your contact details, too.

2: Give 'em a reason
If you make yourself clearly approachable, you're likely to attract conversation. But what's the best way to do this? We've got a few options for you to try: - Wear kit that clearly signifies you're an instructor - try pairing your usual workout trousers with a polo shirt with your logo printed on it. - Make sure you always have perfect form when completing exercises in the gym - this demonstrates that you know your stuff.  - As you move through the gym, smile at others and say hello when it feels appropriate. If someone looks lost or confused, offer your help.

3: Avoid the hard sell
Most people won't appreciate a sales pitch while they're in the middle of a workout. So, instead, simply start positive conversations in which you let them know you're a fitness instructor. If they're on the lookout for someone to help them with training, they'll then know you're an option - it's then up to them whether they choose to work with you. 

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