Should couples work out together?

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Studies show that, in fact, it isn't whether you should work out as a duo. It's actually more to do with how you work out.

 If you're taking part in an activity you and your partner can both have fun taking part in - such as playing tennis, riding bikes, hiking or anything that's not primarily about boosting your fitness levels - you're all good. The tricky bit comes when you hit the gym, and need to agree on a shared goal in order to combine your workout routines. For example: what if one of you wants to work out simply to relax, while the other wants to train hard to lose weight?          

It can be difficult to hit the gym together if you're both keen to achieve different things. However, where there's a will there's a way… 

1: Do your own thing
To make sure you can train together and both see the benefits you want, tailor your weights and reps to suit your individual strength and experience levels. Trying to compete with your partner - or slow down to match them - will leave both of you feeling unsatisfied. So, if you and your partner both decide you want to strengthen and tone your cores, complete Russian twists together and adjust the intensity to suit each of you by increasing the weight used or raising your feet off the floor.

2: Group effort
If you find the problem with hitting the gym as a couple is that you distract each other, then a fitness class might be the answer. With everything from boot camps and circuit training to spin classes and running groups, there are plenty of ways to stay fit and on track together. Why not shake things up and try something that's brand new to both of you, like a dance class? Learning together can be a great way to bond and have fun - as well as get fit.

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