Five ways to fire up fat loss

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Alternating between muscle-building and fat-shredding, these five high-intensity exercises are perfect for an all-over shape-up. Each one is designed to be completed for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest, repeated four times. Why not start out with one or two exercises, then progress to completing all six in one high-octane fitness sesh?

 1. Shoulder press
Take a dumbbell in each hand, and place your feet squarely underneath your shoulders. Press both weights overhead until your arms are fully extended, then lower the weights slowly back down to a resting position with your arms by your sides.

2. Deadlift
Choose a barbell for this exercise - you're working your back muscles here, so can afford to go for heavier weights. Stand in front of the barbell placed on the ground, bending your knees but keeping your back straight, and grab the bar. To raise the barbell, push your hips forward until you're standing straight. Bend your knees to lower the bar back to the floor.

3. Medicine ball slams
Stand with knees slightly bent, and raise a medicine ball above your head. Bending at the waist and activating your core muscles, slam the ball down as hard you can onto the floor in front of you. Catch the ball on its way back up, ready for the next set.

4. Battle ropes
Attach the rope at its centre around 20 feet away from where you plan to stand. Take one end of the rope in each hand and rapidly raise one arm and then the other - this should whip the ropes against the floor. Keep your back straight, and use your shoulders to help you move the ropes as quickly as you can.  

5. Burpees
Move from standing into a squat, and place your palms on the floor. Next, jump your feet out behind you until you're in a plank position while keeping your arms straight. When your feet hit the floor, immediately spring them back into a squat and stand up straight.

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