What's it really like to be a beautician?

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If you've ever daydreamed about turning your love of makeup and skin care into a full-time job, read on. We chatted to those who work in the industry to discover insider truths, and find out what it's really like to be a beautician.

Do you have to look perfect every day?
Your style of makeup will depend on where you work - some salons will prefer you to look understated and polished, while others will encourage a bolder look. Ultimately, though, clients will see your makeup as a reflection of your skills. So take time before work each morning to practice your art, and show everyone what you're made of! Taking this time to make yourself up is also a great opportunity to try new products and techniques out, before passing on recommendations to clients.

Can you manage your own time?
Again, this depends on where you work. If you're a freelance beautician, everything's up to you! You'll be able to manage your time, and your days are likely to be shaped by your clients and when they decide to book treatments. Freelancers might find they spend more time travelling than those based in salons, as some clients may prefer to see you in their own homes. If you work at a salon, you are likely to have more regular hours - although you may not be able to choose your shifts. 

Is it hard to get a salon job?
Like every industry, you'll find there's a lot of competition. But don't worry - all you need to do is work on setting yourself apart from your peers. While there might be other candidates applying for a role with the same experience as you, employers will be looking for someone that's the right fit for their team - so there's somewhere to suit everyone! 
     When putting yourself forward for a position, remember to show your passion and creativity in how you present yourself. Clients favour warm, friendly, professional beauticians, so bear this in mind when you go to interviews, too - employers will be looking out for these qualities.

What are the crucial treatments to train in?
To make sure you're employable, it's essential to get the right qualifications. Key treatments to train in include manicures and pedicures, facial treatments, massage and waxing, so make sure you invest in nationally recognised qualifications. This will get your career off to the best start, and let employers know that you're committed to the industry.

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