Four ways to boost client motivation through winter

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So, as a personal trainer, it's more important than ever to keep your clients motivated and excited about their workouts. We've picked out four handy ways to help you keep them on track, come rain or shine. 

 1: Give them a reason
While getting in shape is a reward in itself, it helps to offer clients more immediate incentives to hit the gym. This might take the form of regular feedback, reminding clients of all the progress they've made and so giving them a reason to continue working hard. Another tried-and-tested motivator is to remind your client why they started training in the first place. Perhaps they want to look their best for a big event, or to be in shape for a marathon - whatever it is, helping them remember is sure to give them the boost they need to don their trainers and get stuck into a fitness sesh.

2: Form good habits
Consistency is a powerful way to help clients keep training, even when they're tempted to quit. Just as your client marks time in their diary for work meetings or time with friends, help them schedule workouts in the same way - this is a handy way to avoid the 'I don't have time!' excuse. It's also useful if your client is able to work out at the same times each week - that way, there's no debating when to go or finding they've double-booked.

3: Switch things up
Even the best workouts lose their shine after a while. Keep fitness fun by switching out their usual HIIT session for weight training, or moving them from the treadmill to the rowing machine. This has the added bonus of working a wider variety of muscles, offering a more intensive all-over workout.

4: New pastures 
The same goes for where you train - if you're always stuck in the same place, clients are bound to get bored eventually. So get out and about - even outdoors to a park, if you're feeling brave enough to face the cold! 

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