Five top winter waxing tips

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When it comes to waxing, the aim of the game is minimising pain and maximising smoothness. But what happens when, in winter, your skin is extra dry and so peeling or cracking? And while it's tempting to leave waxing until things warm up in the summer, this can be a risky tactic. Wearing leggings or tight jeans when you've got longer leg hairs can end up damaging your hairs, and even causing patchy growth. No thanks! So, what can we do to combat this? We've asked salon experts to find the answers, and help your next wax go as smoothly as possible…

Heat it up
Opt for hot wax, and try and stay warm before your salon appointment - the warmer you and the products are, the longer it'll take for the wax to set hard which decreases your chances of snapping hairs rather than removing them completely.  

In your face
If you're visiting the salon for a facial wax, it's important to cleanse beforehand so your beautician has a clean, clear surface to work with. Once your waxing is complete, ask if you can follow up with moisturiser to keep your skin from peeling or cracking.   

Make a splash
Staying hydrated in winter is the key to maintaining your skin's health - and your hairs'. Dehydrated hair is much more likely to snap, so it'll make getting a perfect wax that much harder.   

Here's the rub
To prep your skin for a great hair removal sesh, it's important to exfoliate. Not just the day before you visit the salon, but regularly. This removes dead skin that could clog up your wax strip, but it also helps to prevent ingrown hairs that waxing can cause.  

Eye on the time
Rather than waiting a certain amount of time between salon appointments, decide when to get your next wax according to the length of your hairs. This is because your hair can grow faster or slower at different times of year - who knew?  

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