Five ways to succeed as a mobile personal trainer

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Before you embark on life as a mobile personal trainer, make sure you've had a good read of these five top tips. We've put them together to help your business run smoothly and give your career a boost.

 1: Go back to school
As a freelancer, it's up to you to stay on top of training by studying the latest research. As the industry is always evolving, you'll need to know about all the latest fitness trends and discoveries in order to pass them onto your clients. 'Little and often' is the best approach here; rather than finding six months have passed and you've not caught up with anything new, schedule time every week to go to workshops, read industry magazines and talk to fellow trainers.

2: Trust in me
For a mobile trainer - or any trainer - the relationships you build with your clients are everything. It's crucial to build trust, and learn what they want to get from their gym sessions so you can help them reach their goals. Remember the boundaries, though: while it's important to be friendly and have a laugh sometimes, this is a professional relationship. Your client is paying you to help them train, so that should be your priority at all times. 

3: Keep an eye on the time
As you're your own boss, it's important to be an excellent timekeeper. Make sure you keep tabs on everything - whether that's with an online calendar or a paper diary, whatever works for you. Also, it's good to get into the habit of being early for every appointment. Clients will appreciate you being ready to go as soon as they show up. 

4: Get creative
To keep things exciting for your clients, you'll need to think outside the box. Take time to prepare sessions in advance, and think about what you can add to each workout that'll push your client harder and get them closer to their goal. Try including a new piece of equipment in their workout routine, or hit the park if you usually train in the gym.

5: What's next?
Always look for ways to surprise and delight your clients. Be quick to reply to their emails, and create workout plans that are perfectly tailored to their needs. Also, encourage your clients to raise their game by setting them exercises to do between sessions as homework. They'll appreciate your efforts - and hopefully train harder themselves, too! 

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