Beauty basics: eyelash and brow tinting

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Lash and brow tints are simple and effective, so why not give them a go? We've lined up everything you need to know, so you can decide if a spot of semi-permanent makeup is for you. (We reckon: tint top-ups will be part of your beauty routine before you know it.)

Why tint?
Tints take around just 15-20 minutes, it offers a natural but subtly enhanced look. While this treatment might cost more than simply shading your brows in with pencil or powder, it lasts for up to eight weeks and - once it's applied - it'll save you time when you're applying your makeup. Plus, it won't slip or smudge so you'll stay looking polished all day long - perfect for beach holidays, or if you're always active and get tired of reapplying your makeup through the day. While tinting your eyelashes mimics mascara, tinting your brows can make them appear thicker as well as darker while helping to frame your face - a great beauty move, all round!  

How does it work?
It's a semi-permanent dye, and can be used on your brows or lashes to darken them - colours vary from black and brown to blues and greys, so you can choose according to your skin tone and eye colour. It's a simple procedure: your beautician will coat your eye area with cream to protect it from the dye, then comb the dye through your brows or lashes and leave it to develop for ten minutes or so. Remember: even if you become a tinting regular, make sure you get a patch test at least 24 hours before to avoid allergic reactions.   Want to find out more about the world of beauty?

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