Why is strength training important for women?

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So, if it's not as scary as it sounds, what are the benefits of making strength training part of your routine? There are plenty - especially for those looking to lose weight. It's a proven way to sustainably shift fat over the long term, thanks to the way it raises your resting metabolic rate. (This means your body burns more energy, even between gym sessions, which sounds pretty good to us!)

Sit up straight
Strength training can also be an effective way to improve your posture. You need to become aware of your stance as you complete weight-focussed exercises, so you're likely to become more careful with your posture generally.  

Protect your bones 
Training with weights is great for boosting bone density which, in turn, reduces your risk of osteoporosis - this is a condition that can affect women post-menopause, in particular.

Feel your best
On top of these benefits, strength training can help keep your blood pressure at a healthy level, and lower the chances of developing type-two diabetes.

Brain training
This style of exercise is brilliant for improving your state of mind, too. The feeling of being physically stronger can help you feel more powerful and in control in other areas of your life.

So, how can I get started with strength training?  It's easier than you think. Check out your local gym's classes and try one that involves using weights, or features bodyweight exercises. This is a great way to learn new exercises that you can then practise on your own. To avoid injury and get maximum benefits from your new style of training, make sure you have good form - using the mirrors in your gym is a useful way to keep an eye on this.

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