2018’s top beauty treatments


Now that a bright, shiny new year has landed, it’s time to wave goodbye to 2017 – and some of the rogue beauty trends that came along with it (yep, we’re talking about all the crimped hair…).

With the past well and truly shaken off, join us in welcoming the fresh trends we’ll be seeing in 2018. These are our top ten from the big beauty brands and influencers – which one will you try first?

1. Let it shine

From a light touch of glitter on the eyelid to full body shimmer, this is the year to get your sparkle on.

2. Next-level lashes

From volume-boosting mascara to extensions and falsies, lashes are set to be the new brows in 2018.

3. Let your hair down

Save ponytails for the gym and buns for Netflix marathons – when you’re dressing up, it’s time to channel Rapunzel and wear your hair long.

4. Nail art

Graphic nails are on the up – think geometric patterns and bold colours. In the words of Lady Gaga: ‘put your paws up’.

5. Wet and wild

Move aside, sleek, freshly blow-dried hair – it’s time to make way for slicked-back, wavy locks.

6. Oil it up

It’s no secret that oil makes just about everything better – softer skin, smoother lips and hydrated hair. Perhaps that’s why cleansing oils are, once again, on everyone’s hit lists.

7. Roll with it

Skin-boosting tools are as trendy as ever, with derma rollers being one of the most popular. (Not tried these yet? They’re nifty little devices that help fight wrinkles and boost collagen production.)

8. Time for a revival

Straight from the spring/summer 2018 catwalks, we can welcome back hair slides – wear yours above the ear, primary-school style. The more heavily embellished, the better.

9. 50 shades of… you

Gone are the days when foundations came only in dark, medium and light. Thankfully, we now expect to see more and more beauty brands adding a wider range of shades to their collections, embracing every shade of complexion.

10. Bold and bright

Bright eyeshadows are set to knock the smoky eye off the top spot when it comes to 2018’s top eye look.

Tried any of these trends out already? Share your pics and join the conversation on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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