Want a resolution you’ll actually keep?


We’ve all heard the mantra ‘new year, new me’. But, instead of starting afresh, why not build on the skills you’ve already got? Rather than reinventing yourself, we reckon it’s all about self-improvement. That’s why – as a beauty lover – the next natural step could be to make turn your passion into your profession by becoming a beauty therapist. 

 The nationally recognised Lifetime level 3 beauty therapy diploma are designed to be flexible, allowing you to fit studying into your busy lifestyle. But even before you earn your qualification, there are plenty of ways you can hone your beauty skills to prepare for your training. Here are five great ways in which you can boost your knowledge and kickstart your journey towards becoming a beauty therapist:

1. Get online
The web is teeming with hundreds – even thousands – of online tutorials – many of them completely free. You can start learning online now, whether you want to master that particular eyebrow shape you’ve seen on Snapchat, or a new contouring technique you’ve spied on Pinterest.

2. Word up
Why not resolve to get yourself a regular subscription to one of the many beauty mags on the market? That way, you’ll receive the latest trends, products and techniques direct to your door.

3. Team work
Asking a fellow beauty lover to observe you while you work is a fantastic way to share skills, learn from each other and try out all sorts of techniques and methods. 

4. Go pro
Professional beauty exhibitions are a great opportunity to discover hundreds of brands and product launches – plus, they’re a great place to network with a range of people in the beauty industry. 

5. Stay social
Keep up-to-date with beauty trends by following your favourite brands and bloggers on social media. And don’t just watch… try out the products and techniques they recommend, and share the looks you create. Stay connected across all the key platforms – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat – for the richest visual experience.  

Keen to look into a career in beauty? Check out our courses here.


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