New year, new career: become a personal trainer in 2018

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If the new year has inspired you to track down and take on a great new career, we reckon you should consider training as a PT. To help you figure out if it’s the career for you, we’ve lined up five key traits you’ll need to nail life as a fitness pro. If these sound like you, congratulations: you’ve just discovered a potential new career!

• You love working out
Sounds obvious, but if you love fitness then this could be a great career choice for you. Although it’ll be your clients working out, rather than you, you’ll need to be in great shape. (What better way to advertise your gym knowledge and skills?) It’s also important to be a gym buff yourself, so you’re able to demonstrate perfect form for exercises to your clients.

• You reckon variety’s the spice of life
If that’s true for you, life as a PT could be pretty sweet. Each day, you’re likely to have a different schedule: whether it’s group classes, one-on-ones or a mix, there’ll be plenty to keep you on your toes. Plus, every client’s fitness level and goal is different, and each of them will make progress at different rates, so no two sessions are the same.

• You’re a people person
Personal training is all about getting to know people, what makes them tick and how to motivate them. So if spending time with others energises you, and you thrive on bringing out the best in those around you, becoming a PT could be the perfect move for you.

• You love to make a difference
Ultimately, this is a job that’s all about helping your clients achieve positive change, and help them reach goals they didn’t know were possible. So, if you want to find a way to make your mark on the world, this is a great way to do it.

• You want to be in demand
There’s always a market for PTs and fitness instructors – from affordable group classes to private training, people will always be looking for ways to get fit that suit them and their budget. If you listen closely to what your clients can afford, and tailor the price, frequency and style of your sessions to suit them, you’re sure to be sought after.

Think becoming a PT could be right for you? Check out our award-winning courses here. 


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