What’s it like to be a beauty therapist?

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From centre stage to beauty salon, Natalie’s journey with Lifetime has been a fulfilling one. We spoke to her to find out how she traded her microphone for makeup brushes, and what it’s like to do what you love every day…

1. When did you first know you wanted to become a beauty therapist?
I lived in Cyprus for 12 years where I worked as a DJ and singer, so being on stage every night meant looking nice and taking care of my appearance. I was always interested in beauty, and found myself constantly experimenting and trying new products and techniques.  
    I moved back to the UK from Cyprus three years ago, and found a job in childcare with a family friend. In July this year I left that job as I didn’t enjoy it anymore – instead, I wanted to do something completely different where I could progress and enjoy variety in my work. So I looked into beauty therapy, as it was something I’d always loved. That’s when I came across Lifetime Training on Indeed.com. Once I’d registered my interest, someone rang me straight away to get the ball rolling. The Lifetime team were so helpful and explained what I’d be doing at every step. They also helped me with my advanced learner loan – and before I knew it, it was my first day!

2. How do you balance working/ studying and doing coursework?
I’m not working at the moment, but I had the opportunity to go to college on either Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or on weekends. Lifetime were very accommodating. Lifetime’s online system was great, too – it’s easily accessible and all the PowerPoints and procedure routines that we worked through in class were all there. That made it easier for me to practise at home and recap everything from the lessons.  

3. What did you like most about completing your course with Lifetime?
My favourite thing about Lifetime is the amount of practical work in lessons. Even on my first day, we went straight into practical and doing facials. I am currently on week five and I’m still amazed that I can already do facial procedures, lash and brow tints, manicures and pedicures! I also like that the theory side is taught through fun learning techniques. It’s not like being at school again – instead, it’s very informal and we learn through fun quizzes and games. This style of teaching helps everything to stick in my head.  

4. Who (or what) is your inspiration?
My inspiration is anyone who is happy and enjoying life! Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy – that’s why I came out of childcare. It was a risk to leave my job, but since starting Lifetime I really feel that I have found my calling. I absolutely love going to college on a Monday and then can’t wait to get home to practise what I’ve learned on all my friends. The risk paid off and I’m so happy to be doing beauty therapy professionally now.  

5. What are your goals for the future?
When I finish my course, I hope to set up my own mobile beauty business to begin with. Hopefully I’ll open my own salon one day, too!

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