Our six winter beauty survival tips

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To help you stay hydrated and on form whatever the weather throws at you, we’ve picked out six beauty hacks you’ll love this winter. 

1: Make the cut
Visit the hairdresser every two or three months to trim your split ends. This should help to stop any damage caused by winter weather from spreading along the length of each hair, by cutting it off at the tip. If you’ve got brittle hair that needs a little extra help to stay supple, apply a conditioning mask once a week, and leave on for an evening – or even overnight for an extra boost.  

2: On the regular
Protect your skin by making sure you’re in the swing of a regular moisturising routine. Through the rest of the winter months, it’s best to plump for rich, creamy moisturisers. To make sure your skin’s able to absorb the moisture, try exfoliating first. This removes the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing fresh skin to moisturiser.  

3: Beauty, nailed
Other than your face, your hands are the other key area to be exposed to the elements on a daily basis through the winter. Keep your paws looking pretty with plenty of hydrating hand cream, and stop brittle nails from chipping by filing them once a week. 

4: Keep an eye on it
The delicate area of skin underneath our eyes can suffer in the colder months. Keep your under-eye area looking perky, try a serum underneath your daily moisturiser. This added moisture should help you stop dark circles and puffiness in their tracks.

5: Screen the sun
Wear sunscreen every day – yep, even in winter. It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like – during daylight hours, the sun’s rays still have the same damaging effect on your skin. So layer up with a base of SPF30 or higher, every time you leave the house.

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