The best equipment you’re not using: the prowler

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Looking for a new way to build strength and put your fitness to the test? Turns out pushing yourself lies in pushing a big metal sledge around the gym. The prowler (the technical, much cooler name for the sledge) may look intimidating, but it’s actually very easy to use, even for beginners, and offers a range of great results. 

• How does it work?
Simple: to push the prowler, keep your arms, neck and back in a straight line. Let your legs do the hard work, while the rest of your body remains static. Add weights to the prowler to gradually increase resistance. Or, to switch things up, why not pull the prowler by gripping the handles, bending at the knees and walking backwards while keeping your back straight and upright. 

• Why use it?
Not only is there a low risk of injury, but there’s also a massive pay-off. Pushing the prowler builds functional lower-body power as well as back and shoulder strength. It’s also a useful way to up your cardio fitness – basically, an excellent all-rounder. 

• What about my upper body?
You’ll be glad to know this is a pretty versatile piece of kit that can work your whole body. By attaching a rope to the prowler, you turn it into the equivalent of a rowing machine. Grip the end of the rope and (keeping your knees bent and back straight) haul the prowler towards you. This’ll give your arms and back a serious workout.

As you improve, kick things up a gear by adding weight or increasing your speed. Add the fact that you’ll look bad-ass throughout your entire workout, and – well, need we say more?

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