Six reasons you’ll love our Level Three PT course

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At Lifetime, we’ve got just the ticket. Our REPs-recognised personal training courses include everything you need to get started in a brand-new role. We’ve picked out six great things we know you’ll love about our PT training course:

 1. It fits into your busy lifestyle
It can be difficult to find a job you love that fits around your lifestyle, but personal training can do just that. As a PT, you’re able to manage your own time – choose when you book in clients, work on finances and marketing, and decide when you take time off. If you’re a night owl, run evening boot camps or – if you’re more of a morning person – take advantage of that by taking on 6am clients that need your energy and enthusiasm to help them start their day.  

2. Train online and in the classroom
The course is conveniently split between remote learning and classes held at one of our state-of-the-art training academies. This variety allows you to learn in a range of different styles and environments, which should ultimately help you to absorb the information.

3. Tutor support
You’ll have expert tutors on hand to help from start to finish, so – if you’re puzzled by one of the modules or feeling the need for a pep talk – they’ve got your back. 

4. Join the community
We reckon learning is easier – and more fun – when you’re part of a study group. That’s why we created the MyLifetime online learning community. It’s a great place to interact with your fellow students, as well as access assessment workbooks and ask expert tutors any questions you have about your work. 

5. Learn business skills
The Level Three PT course at Lifetime prepares you for a life as an entrepreneur as well as a personal trainer. The Business Planning module offers practical insights into how to set up and run an active leisure business. This sets you up perfectly for knowing the ropes when you become a staff member at a gym, as well as giving you the tools to start up your own company. 

6. Expand your skill set
This course has you covered across a broad range of fitness interests. Included is training in how to run boot camps, circuits or spin classes, for both large and small client groups. This makes you an impressive and employable candidate for gyms, who seek PTs with skills across the board.

Find out more about our fitness courses here.  


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