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A mum of three, Sarah earned a gold in the 2000m women’s lightweight masters category (ages 40-49) and gold in the 500m race. Though she only took up indoor rowing in 2014, she’s soared to success. We find out what makes her tick, and how Lifetime helped her on her journey to sporting success.

When did you decide to become a personal trainer?
I started studying as a PT once all three of my children had started school fulltime. I also needed to qualify as a fitness instructor in order to take my indoor rowing instructor qualification, so I decided that I would qualify to become a level 3 PT and incorporate indoor rowing into my sessions for my clients.

When did you study?
I did all my work during the day when kids were at school or, if it was the holidays, I would bribe them to let me put in a few hours while they were around! I also had to fit in my rowing training, but as I was focused and had an end target in all of these tasks it wasn’t difficult to achieve!

What did you like most about training with Lifetime?
The best thing was being able to work at my own pace. The workbooks are easy to follow, and the tutors are easily contactable and helpful if you have questions.

Who (or what) inspires you?
My inspirations are the strong women I have met since starting indoor rowing. Also, strong female athletes who are able to balance all they do with raising a family. I admire the focus and hunger you need to succeed in any sport, and the motivation and determination you have to display – especially as a female. 

What are your aims for the future?
My goals are to bring indoor rowing to the masses, getting more people involved and training properly on the indoor rower. I aim to win more competitions and breaking more records in the process. 
   I also want my PT business to succeed and, in the future, I’d like to open up an indoor rowing studio so I could run classes there myself.

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