Specialist or jack-of-all-trades: what kind of PT should you be?

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With so many potential areas of expertise in the fitness industry, is it better to have a couple of specialised personal trainer qualifications or be broadly skilled across the board?

At first, it may seem beneficial to have a wide-ranging skill set when it comes to being a personal trainer. However, it can be much more useful (and more profitable) to pick a small number of specialist fitness subjects and focus on sharing these with your client base instead. To help demonstrate why becoming a specialist PT is your best bet for a long and successful career, we've put together four important points for you to consider:

1: Who is your ideal client?
When you've decided what area of fitness training you'd like to specialise in, this will make it much easier for your ideal clients to find you. For example, if you've opted to specialise in teaching spin classes and so market yourself solely as a spin instructor, people will be in no doubt as to what services you're skilled in and can effectively provide - and so will be more likely to feel comfortable booking sessions with you. 

However, if you were to market yourself as a general fitness pro, clients may feel that you won't know enough about the specific types of exercise they'd like to hire someone for. In short, people always feel more comfortable hiring and working with a specialist, whatever the industry - so why not become one?

2: Think of your schedule
If you're a PT with a broad range of skills (but no particular specialities) you might find that your working life starts to feel somewhat unclear, with a mix of different sessions and appointments filling your schedule from day to day. 

While this variety might appeal to some, it can make others feel like they're being pulled in lots of different directions at once. With a fixed number of specialist areas of fitness, however, it can be easier to maintain a more balanced, manageable routine.

3: Consider your pricing
As an expert, you're able to charge more for your services: it's as simple as that. Because you are the best resource for your client when it comes to whatever you're specialising in - whether that's strength and conditioning training, aerobics or boxercise - they're inclined to pay more for your time. 

This is also due to the fact that clients will know that you're just as focussed on their preferred type of exercise as they are - and they'll be keen to tap into your expert knowledge to help them progress on their own fitness journey.

To find out more about how to excel as a PT, follow us on social or check out our personal trainer qualifications.

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