Here's how personal training can help to combat chronic pain

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While many of us rarely think about our posture, issues in this area can result in serious, ongoing issues if left untreated. But personal trainers are here to help.

Problems can arise when we perform repetitive movements that cause imbalance in our posture. This can lead to chronic pain and limited mobility, as well as making it difficult to exercise without workouts leading to injury.

To make sure you avoid postural and movement issues in the future, it's best to correct bad posture as soon as possible. This is important whether you're a fitness fanatic or just wanting to stay healthy and avoid stiff joints. 

To figure out how your posture looks right now, it can be a good move to speak to a personal trainer. PTs are trained in anatomy and how the body moves when it's at its healthiest, so they can easily spot where any posture issues might be stemming from. Whether you tend to slump your shoulders due to working at a desk all day, or have developed a hip tilt from regularly staying seated for extended periods of time, fitness professionals will be able to deduce the root of any movement problems you might have.

Correcting postural issues - even if they don't seem too pronounced just yet - can lead to a number of health benefits. These include:

- A reduction in strains, tension and general physical discomfort
- Helping to prevent future injuries
- Improved balance and coordination

An initial consultation with a PT to discuss your posture will involve a full-body assessment, examining your movement patterns and how you currently hold yourself when you sit, stand and walk. They can then create a personalised training program designed to help you get your posture back on track.

If chronic pain has become a problem for you due to postural problems, PTs can also create an exercise plan for you that can help to alleviate this discomfort. When we're in ongoing pain, it can be tempting to avoid physical activity in case it makes the problem worse. Instead, focus on stretching and short bursts of exercise while remaining aware of your pain levels - after assessing your needs, your personal trainer recommend adding cardiovascular exercise to your daily routine. Low-impact, aerobic activity can be a useful way to ease back into movement and lead to an alleviation of your chronic pain.

Becoming a personal trainer can be a great way to help people in many different ways, beyond helping clients to tone up and lose weight. If you're interested in a career as a PT, why not find out more about our personal training courses? 

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