Seven top skin secrets from beauty therapists

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Ever wondered what products the beauty pros use and which daily skin routines they stick to religiously? We've spoken to the experts to find out their skincare secrets...

1: Simplify your skincare routine
For some of us, part of the fun of beauty is enjoying long, indulgent pampering sessions. However, sometimes we need to a routine that'll get us ready for the day as quickly as possible. That's why it's good to have a handful of go-to products that you know make your skin look its best, every time. 

A simple selection such as cleanser, serum and a tinted SPF should be all you need to get you ready for the day - add on a touch of concealer, powder or mascara on top of this if you have time, or go barefaced for a glowing natural look.

2: Know the signs of dehydrated skin
Sometimes your face might appear dry. However, beauty therapists recommend that you check if it's dry or - in fact - dehydrated. While dry skin lacks oil, dehydrated skin is lacking water. Dehydrated skin actually produces extra oil, so mistakenly using products intended for dry skin on dehydrated skin can make your complexion worse. 

Instead, use a hydrated moisturiser and drink plenty of water - this should keep tightness and flaky skin caused by dehydration at bay. 

3: Take of your makeup - every night
The quickest way to clog your pores and dull your complexion is to leave your makeup on overnight. For a brighter, clearer complexion, remove all cosmetics before you go to bed by using a cream cleanser and warm cloth. Ideally you should cleanse your face twice each night, to ensure all makeup residue is removed.

4: Maintain a healthy lifestyle
A gorgeous complexion is about so much more than the products you use. Getting enough sleep, eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise all contribute to how your skin looks and feels. 

5: Know the value of beauty sleep
In fact, sleep is crucial to renewing and rejuvenating your complexion, not just maintaining it. Give your skin the best chance to recover overnight by treating yourself to a quick facial massage - stroking your fingers firmly upwards and outwards over your face - before using a night cream containing AHA or BHA. These are light exfoliants that help your skin shed dull, dead cells.

6: Treat yourself to a facial
Sometimes, it's worth investing in a facial treatment from a beauty professional - the pros recommend splashing out every six weeks, but giving your skin a refresh any time you can is always a good thing.

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