Here's how salon makeovers can boost self-esteem

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There are plenty of different treatments that'll leave clients feeling relaxed and pampered - so we've put together a top five list of services that are sure to leave customers feeling like the best version of themselves. Some have been popular for many years, whereas other treatments are exciting new additions to the beauty scene...

1: Facials
A classic self-care treatment, a facial serves the dual purpose of cleansing and exfoliating your pores, as well as hydrating and adding nutrients to your skin. It's a great treatment that can be easily tailored to suit each skin type and solve a range of problems - such as dryness, oiliness and spots.

2: Eyebrow tattooing
While the idea of tattooing your brows might sound a little extreme, it's much simpler and safer than you might think. The process doesn't pigment the skin as deeply as an ordinary tattoo, and after a year the colour starts to fade and needs to be topped up - if you decide to continue with the treatment. Brow tattoos enhance the natural appearance of your eyebrows; soft lines are drawn across your brow in the same direction as your existing hairs, defining your brow line and beautifully framing your face.

3: IPL hair removal 
Intense pulse light treatment is a high-tech method of hair removal, anywhere on the body. It takes around eight sessions to get the best results, followed by a top-up session every six months. This can be a very useful way to keep unwanted hair at bay for long stretches of time, with minimal fuss. 

4: Makeup
While this treatment is more short-lived than the other options on this list, having your makeup done by a beautician can feel very luxurious and be confidence-boosting. Whether it's for a special occasion such as a wedding or other special event - or simply 'just because' - you'll always step out of a makeup session feeling fantastic. It's a great opportunity to pick up tips from the beauty therapist, too - if you have any questions about how to apply your makeup day to day, ask away! 

If you love the idea of boosting people's confidence on a daily basis, why not consider becoming a beauty professional? Find out more about online beauty courses today.

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