How to become a PT and kickstart your career

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Sometimes, it's hard to know how to take that first step towards your dream career. 

That's why we've put together a checklist to get you started - work through these, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a fitness professional.

1: Do it for the love
While working in the fitness industry is full of perks - working out every day and getting to know lots of like-minded people, for a start - it's best if you're entering this career because you truly love it. Running PT sessions and leading gym classes requires you to be full of energy and positivity all day long, and this is much easier (and more enjoyable for you!) if you're excited about your role.  Plus, due to the flexible nature of personal training sessions, you'll need to be prepared to build your working day - and social life - around the needs of your clients. Of course, if you're enthusiastic about your career and have built a client base you enjoy training, erratic working hours won't be a problem for you.

2: Get qualified
It's essential to make sure you get the certifications you need in order to start training clients. This is important to ensure that you know your stuff, so you're able to teach clients correct form and ensure they avoid injury. It's well worth doing your research to find a course that allows you to earn nationally recognised qualifications while fitting studying around your existing commitments.

3: What's your speciality?
Once you've gained your general fitness instructor qualification, it makes sense to specialise. There are a wide variety of workout types to become an expert in - such as spinning, yoga or boxercise - so pick one or two areas that particularly interest you and that you'd like to share with your future clients. Having specialist training allows you charge more for your services, as well as spend more time teaching the types of exercise you enjoy most.

4: Networking pays off
Once you've got your qualifications sorted, you're ready to start building up your client base. The best way to do this is to forge relationships with potential clients - and other fitness professionals. Connecting with other PTs helps you to build a support network of others in the same boat as you, to turn to for career advice - and if they have any clients they're unable to take on in the future, you'll be able to help them out and grow your own customer basis.

To find out about our flexible fitness courses - and more expert tips on how to become a PT - get in touch today.

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