Five ways to use social media to boost your beauty salon's business

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Social media is key to growing your beauty business - but, for some, the prospect of launching accounts and trying to gather a following online can seem daunting.

That's why we've broken down some of the key steps to get you started. Once you start to see the benefits, we're sure you'll start to warm to world of social media.

1: Prizes and offers
Use social media to share promotions and giveaways, with the aim of spreading brand awareness and increasing brand loyalty. A tried-and-tested way of doing this is to enter followers into a prize draw when they share a link to your brand page with their friends, for example. Followers will also thank you for offering them exclusive discounts.

2: Entice and delight
Your social media presence should present your business beautifully, with photos that show off the mood of your venue, as well as your products and services. So, if your salon has a bright, edgy vibe, this should come across in the content you share. This will help draw in the right customers for your brand. 

3: Think of your customer
When you're writing posts and captions for your business, think about the demographic of your customers. Opt for a tone that your target age range can relate to, and try to post about topics you feel they'll be interested in. 

4: Get tactical
Social media platforms offers the option of targeted ads for businesses - these can help you reach potential customers who live near your salon or who're interested in related pages or accounts. 

5: Make use of hashtags
Another key way to seek out new customers is to tap into hashtags. Hashtags offer a way for people to find your content, so be specific and don't be afraid to include a number of hashtags with each post. For example, if you're writing a post about bridal beauty treatments your salon offers, spend time looking at other similar posts from other brands, and take your pick of the hashtags they're using on posts with similar content to yours.

For more on boosting your beauty business, follow us on social: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. 


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