How to take your fitness career to the next level

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You've completed your training as a personal trainer - congratulations! So what's next for you, as you take the next steps in your fitness career?

Working is a PT is a very fulfilling career choice - but if you find you'd like to branch out into another area of the fitness industry, there are plenty of options to choose from.  We've picked out three career paths that could be the progression from personal training - which one could work for you?  

1: Manager
Taking on a management role at a gym or health club offers you the chance to help other personal trainers reach their potential. This is the perfect role for multitaskers - you'll be in charge of managing budgets, structuring staff schedules and taking care of the day-to-day running of a business.  While this responsibility can result in longer hours, there are plenty of benefits too - including access to additional training and support, as well as the security of paid holidays and sick leave (which isn't an option as a self-employed personal trainer).

2: Fitness conference volunteer
If you'd love to be more involved in the education side of fitness, you might enjoy volunteering a fitness industry conference. This will open up the opportunity to meet and learn from top fitness professional and educators. 

While volunteering might mean missing out on income from time to time, you'll gain valuable insight and knowledge. It's also an opportunity to network and find new clients - or even mentors to help you grow your personal training business.

3: Fitness educator
If you'd like to make a full-time career of learning about fitness, and sharing that knowledge with students, becoming a fitness educator could be the just the thing for you. A diverse role, it can include running workshops and teaching personal trainers, educating them in a range of topics from how to run a group fitness class to using social media to find new clients. 

To find out more about how your career in fitness could progress, get in touch!


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