A day in the life of a beauty therapist

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We take a look at what life's really like as a beauty therapist…

Before the first clients arrive: First things first: open up the salon, then make sure the manicure stations and massage rooms are all set up ready to receive clients. If there are treatments booked for any big events that day - bridal parties, or birthdays perhaps - it's important to be prepared to ensure customers feel extra-special during their visit to the salon.

Morning: As the first clients arrive, it's all about making sure they receive a warm welcome and top-quality treatments - and that you catch up on what's been happening in their lives since their last visit to your salon, if they enjoy chatting. 

For many people, a large part of enjoying a beauty treatment is having a catch-up about all things big and small with their therapist. So, with plenty of conversation alongside offering manicures, massages and more, the morning should fly by and it'll be lunchtime before you know it. 

Afternoon: After a break to enjoy your lunch, treatments over the course of the afternoon might include more spray tans and makeup makeovers, as clients prepare for a big night on the town. To help keep the mood upbeat and warm, it can help to change up the music through the day, to take clients from peaceful and relaxed to ready-to-go-out excited!

Evening: Once all treatments are completed for the day, and you've said goodbye to your last clients, it's time to start prepping for tomorrow. Laundry and cleaning takes priority, so - by the time you arrive at the salon tomorrow morning - everything will fresh, sparkling and ready to go.

That said - with a range of clients on your books and a varied range of treatments on offer - no two days as a beauty professional are the same. 

If this sounds like a career that would suit you, why not take a look at our beauty therapy course?

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