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What began as an little-known approach to fitness has taken over the world.... 

Across the globe, CrossFit has gathered thousands of loyal followers who can't get enough of its tough workouts and team-centric philosophy. As it continues to grow in popularity, there are increasing numbers of people looking to add strength and conditioning to their fitness regime. 

That's why, as a personal trainer, now's a brilliant time to examine the types of training you offer to your clients - and up your qualifications to match. It makes a lot of sense to add CrossFit-style workouts to your repertoire, in order to ride this trend and help clients achieve their fitness, strength or weight-loss goals in an exciting new way.

What's CrossFit all about?
This fitness revolution is centred around gruelling workouts and heated competition - all in a supportive, encouraging environment. Mixed into their varied workouts you'll find elements of HIIT training, Olympic-style weightlifting, gymnastics and plyometrics. 

Who's it for?
Though it might sound like it's only suited to the toughest of fitness fanatics, CrossFit - and other strength and conditioning classes - can actually be beneficial to a wide range of people. 

Taking part in these workouts offer an impressive mix of benefits, from boosted aerobic fitness to fat burning and increased flexibility. There's something for everyone who wants to get leaner, stronger or faster - regardless of their age and fitness level. 

What kind of exercises are included?
You can expect to find plenty of sit-ups, press-ups, weighted squats and lunges, deadlifts and push presses involved in these hardcore workouts. In short, plenty of moves that fire up multiple muscle groups at once while raising your heart rate. This helps to guarantee maximum results, even in a short session.

How can I add strength and conditioning training to my repertoire as a PT?
If you're interested in building strength and conditioning exercises into workouts for your clients, it's important to undergo the proper training. While this kind of fitness has many benefits, it also carries risk of injury. So, to avoid strained muscles and other issues, it's essential to know exactly how each exercise should be performed. 

To find out more about our Level Four strength and conditioning personal training course, get in touch today.


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