Apprenticeship success story: Shannon Gray, Cowherd's - Vintage Inn

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As part of our #BetterBecause campaign for NAW, Shannon told us her apprenticeship has made her life better because its a #confidencebooster and #lifechanger.

"When I finished college I felt I still needed to do something, so I sat and looked for jobs and apprenticeships. I have always wanted to own my own pub, so when my mum found the apprenticeship at Cowherds, I applied for it, and an hour later I had a call from Lifetime. I was invited to an interview, which went really well, then went for a trial shift on a Saturday lunch. The process was really quick from start to finish, I was told I did really well, and was hired. 

When I first started I was shown how to do everything, making sure I was doing all my training, Mable and STAR cards. 

My confidence has gone through the roof. I am a lot more comfortable with people, and feel inspired to learn new things."

Shannon has just been signed off on her apprenticeship and will start the next one soon. General Manager Lisa Monroe, talked to us about how positive the apprenticeship experience has been for her and the business.

"We don’t really struggle with recruitment as we have a lot of students come and work for us, but this seemed an ideal opportunity to take someone more stable. We have a lot of team leaders and managers that can help guide. Hours were available, Shannon applied, and started doing very well. She didn't have much experience but wanted to be a General Manager one day, and has a lot of drive and passion for the industry. Shannon has been showing me her work and tying it in with the STAR cards and internal training. 

Taking on an apprentice shouldn't be any different to taking on any normal team member. The apprentices show a lot of commitment to be managers of the future, and stay with us for longer. 

Shannon is like a sponge and takes everything on board. She gets involved with how we can increase our scores, and discusses with the team. I am now buddying her up with new team members, to show them how to do processes.

Yes, I'd definitely do it again."


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