2018's four big beauty trends

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We see beauty putting its own pretty spin on cross-industry trends, such as eco-consciousness, Insta-friendly products and a fascination with all things fitness. Here are four things you'll be seeing a lot more of this year… 

 1: Clean and green
Though beauty has been a little late to the party on the eco front, it finally seems to be catching up. As consumers grow increasingly aware of the damage plastic has on the environment, beauty brands are starting to offer products that meet our new, greener expectations. Lush is celebrated for its stylish new Naked range, which is entirely without packaging. For products that are still packaged, there's a clear shift towards plant-based plastics and glass for a more planet-friendly approach.

2: Masks and patches galore
Almost certainly because of their cute-selfie factor, face masks and patches are on the rise. They're also a useful way to help active ingredients penetrate the surface of your skin, offering targeted treatment of specific areas of the face and body. Whether they're designed for anti-aging, anti-inflammation or general hydration, masks and patches offer intense product application - expert beauticians have been using and recommending them for years.

3: Beauty built for you
Personalisation is key right now. As we move towards embracing greater diversity, an increasing number of brands offer a great range of options in terms of skin tone and type. It's also becoming increasingly commonplace for brands to tailor products specifically to suit you. There are even some early adopters using DNA analysis to tailor skincare exactly to your needs.

4: Gym glam
As athleisure goes from strength to strength as a trend, we can see our widespread obsession with gymming start to break into the world of beauty. From creams and cleansers that target exercise-related skin woes (think clogged pores or redness) to makeup that won't budge even in the sweatiest of spin classes, it's all landing in shops this year. From Clinique to Primark, everyone's stocking this stuff - so you can get involved, whatever your budget.

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