Five ways to earn big in fitness

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We've picked out five roles that will not only give you the chance to do what you love for a living, but could pay well too… What's not to love?

 1. Fitness entrepreneur
While becoming an entrepreneur comes with its own range of risks, it also has plenty of rewards. There are all sorts of creative ways in which you can monetise your love of fitness - for example, becoming a fitness blogger. This is a great way to share your expertise in a fun, interactive way - social media is a great way to grow your following for free. 

2. Gym manager
If you'd prefer a role which revolves around running a team, managing a gym could be a rewarding - and lucrative - option for you. Starting out as a personal trainer can lead to management roles, which is great news if you aspire to run your own business. While you won't be getting directly involved in fitness yourself, you'll be helping others get their gym fix - and that's surely something to be proud of!

3. Personal trainer
This job is a wonderfully varied one - whatever your particular fitness passion, there are potential clients out there who'd love to train with you! Decide on a menu of options - boot-camp, pilates, circuits, step aerobics or anything else that you'd love to spend your time teaching, and make sure you invest in the training you need to teach this like a pro. Then get stuck into publicising yourself to let everyone know what you have to offer.

4. Yoga instructor
Want to spend your working days peacefully? Bring a little more zen to the world by becoming a yoga instructor. Once you've bagged the necessary qualifications, you're ready to go - put yourself out there as a freelance instructor, and you could find work as a private teacher visiting people's homes or offering sessions at your local gym.

5. Gym instructor
If you love working with clients on the gym floor, but want a role with more stability than freelance personal training, being a gym instructor could be a great choice for you. You're likely to spend your time teaching gym classes - potentially across a wide range of fitness styles - and offering your services as an in-house PT.  

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