A head hunter's guide to success in the beauty industry

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But no fear - we've got the inside track on how to make your name as a beautician. Ready to launch into an amazing career? Let's get started…

 1: Get a slick portfolio together
First impressions count for everything - even if you're introducing yourself over email. To do this, put together a portfolio of your best work. Show your diverse skill set by including examples of different makeup looks.  And remember, don't be afraid to ask for help: if you feel you need more work to showcase in your portfolio, why not ask one of your friends to model for you so you can practise on them and photograph the results? When it comes to interviews, having these images to help explain your skills will be invaluable.

2: Stay in the know
In beauty, there's always a fresh trend taking off or an exciting new product landing. That's why it pays to stay in the know with what's happening in the industry - future employers will want to see that you're engaging with what's hot right now. A great way to keep tabs on the latest in beauty is to follow well-informed blogs; we recommend Into the Gloss and Violet Gray. Trade magazines, such as HAPPI, are also very useful on this front.

3: Decide what's right for you
Now you know the beauty industry is for you, what will you specialise in? Are you interested in the scientific side, or all things creative - or perhaps you have a head for business? Choose from product development, marketing, education, artistry or lab work (that's creating the latest beauty products and tech - you're likely to need a background in science for this option).

4: Recognise opportunities
The best way into the beauty industry is by starting at the bottom. Once you've got yourself an entry-level role (the best way to do this is by earning your stripes as an apprentice first), you can start to work your way up through the ranks. 

If you're struggling to get your first role in beauty, it's a good idea to broaden your search and gain experience in another creative, trend-focussed industry such as fashion or lifestyle. This will show employers that you're interested in related fields - and that's a great way to start showing your passion and ability to learn in the workplace.

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