Apprenticeship success story: Lucy Avory, Iceland

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Client Engagement officer Max Merritt catches up with Iceland apprentice Lucy for a brief Q&A on her apprenticeship.

Did you know you are the youngest apprentice in Iceland? 

No I didn’t know. It’s made me realise I’ve come quite far for a girl my age. 

What message would you give to other colleagues thinking about the apprenticeship?

You do learn so much more on the apprenticeship compared to not doing it, so you need to manage your time to study. You definitely learn a lot more than just on the job training. So far it has especially helped me around challenging conversations with other colleagues, and how to handle them. It’s improved my ability and confidence around delegating, and how to do this positively with all staff members.  

What excites you about completing the apprenticeship? 

I see it as a stepping stone to getting higher up the career ladder. My goal is to go into HR management and then go even further up the ladder. 

What do you love about working at Iceland? 

I think they are very keen to help you grow and develop. I feel they see me as a big part in the future of Iceland, so they really support the learning. 

How do you think this is going to help your career going forward?

The apprenticeship is giving me the knowledge on a wider scope to run not only my own store, but looking at the bigger picture around business and running multiple stores. I have already been signed off by my Store manager in the Supervisor role within the first 5 months.

Why did you chose the apprentice route instead of going to university or staying at school? 

I never wanted to go to University due to being close to my family. I did study business at 6th form. I was already working at Iceland part time, my Area manager Suggested I apply for a full time role in the Supervisor Apprenticeship position, and I saw it as a challenge that would enhance my career.


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