Four reasons you'll love being a fitness instructor

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If you're in two minds about getting stuck into a fitness career, we're here to tell you why you should make the jump right now - you're gonna love it! 

On the up
Health and wellbeing are growing ever more important as part of people's daily lives. So there's increasing demand for personal trainers, gym instructors and more - why not get the training you need to take advantage of this trend?

Taking control
This is your opportunity to be your own boss. Sound good? It's well worth looking into setting up your own personal training business, if you're driven by the idea of taking full control of your working schedule and clients. 

If you're more interested in joining an existing business you admire, though, that's an option too. Consider contacting them and asking if they'd be interested in you joining them to gain some experience. Who knows - it could lead to a full-time role. It's liberating to realise how many ways there are to get into a career in fitness, in a way that suits your personality.  

Being a helping hand
Becoming a fitness instructor or personal trainer can be very rewarding. Many people look forward to visiting the gym, and treat it as valuable 'me time'. Working in the fitness industry gives you a way to motivate, encourage and guide people as they spend some precious time doing something positive for themselves. 

Plenty of perks
As you might have guessed, there are lots of added benefits to working as a fitness pro. If you're a member of staff at a gym, you're likely to have free access to their pool, sauna, spa and general facilities. Perfect for a spot of post-shift relaxation! You might also receive discounts through your employer for sports clothing, fitness equipment and health food.

Of course, as a freelancer, you're able to plan your own schedule; work when and where it suits you. Plus, as you'll be working closely with many of your clients - potentially over a long period of time - you may even make good friends through your role! 

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