How to start a career in the fitness industry

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Sometimes, we put off making the move into our dream career because we're not sure where to start. So we've taken the guesswork out of switching over to a role in the world of fitness by breaking down the steps for you. 

Ready to kickstart your career? Let's go!

1: Do what you love
If you truly love fitness, and sharing that passion with others, this could be just the industry for you. It's worth making sure that your interest in working out goes beyond enjoying a workout a few times a week - this may not sustain you when you suddenly have to be in the gym every day. 

2: Plan your transition 
Once you know you want to begin a career as a fitness pro, think about how you'll make your first move. It can be a smart move to start by working as a PT in the mornings and evenings, around your current role - this allows you to build up a client base (and an income) before you quit your day job. 

3: Go back to school
Make sure you swot up on your chosen fitness subject and earn the appropriate qualifications, so you can confidently advise and support your clients. Plus, in order to insure yourself as a practitioner, you'll need to have proof of your training. 

4: Try it out
While you're working towards earning your qualifications, it's a good idea to get as much practical experience as you can to experience the day-to-day of your chosen profession. If you're not sure which fitness role would suit you best, this is your opportunity to try out a range of options. Spend time in gyms, helping out at yoga classes, with mobile personal trainers and anything else you'd like to learn more about first-hand - you'll soon start to see what you enjoy most.

5: Remember your friends
Worried about where you'll find your first clients? There's no need - you'll find that once you've trained your first few clients, news of your services will spread by word of mouth. And why not make those first clients friends or family members that you train for mates' rates, or for free? It's uplifting how many people are keen to shape up or generally improve their health with the help of a professional - all you need to do is step in to meet the demand.

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