Bringing beauty home: the new on-the-go salons

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Believe it or not, this beauty fantasy is now a reality. Companies such as Blow, Prettly, Ruuby and Uspaah are making it possible to enjoy beauty treatments on demand from the comfort of your own home. 

Clients can order services at the drop of a hat, thanks to each company's app - no need to book ahead of time if you're in need of a last-minute leg wax, or a hot-stone massage after a tough day at the office.

While this is a brilliant advancement for customers - no need to walk home in flip-flips after a pedicure, or traipse across town for a decent manicure - it's also great news for beauticians. Due to the fact that they're working without the need to pay overheads for a salon, they get a bigger cut of their profits. There's also greater flexibility, as beauty professionals can pick and choose their working hours. 

All sounds perfect, right? Not everyone's on board with this new way of working. Many clients prefer to travel to a salon to ensure they get their favourite hairdresser, masseuse or manicurist. After all, it's not that relaxing to leave your hair in the hands of a stranger - even if they do have a great rating. Plus, many salons aren't comfortable with sending their staff out to homes that haven't been safety-checked first.

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